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blomus pure life - Blomus products are cool and likeable, practical and elegant, timeless and distinctive. blomus products do not age. While they demonstrate a self-assured presence, they always remain unobtrusive, enriching our everyday lives and providing beautiful highlights to some of our more exclusive moments.

Blomus, meaning design and elegance, harmony of form and function. Daily necessities are the centerpiece, feature choice materials such as stainless steel and are a feast for the eye. Discover the possibilities with Blomus of design combined with functionality!

Why bother with boring, unattractive things better or surrounded when there are so decorative and moreover very functional things like Blomus? Stainless steel, really cool in the broadcast is here to feast for the senses, the highlight of the day and proves good taste. Pure stainless steel or combined with other precious materials sent delighted again and again, but it is timeless, elegant and high quality. Especially in the kitchen and on the dining table is beautiful and decorative things noticeable by its simple elegance and create a homely yet stylish ambience.

The hallmark of Blomus are stainless steel and straightforwardness! What at first sounds very sober, turns out to be a vast array of creative design possibilities! The minimalist products from Blomus as living room, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor accessories bring a fresh breeze, style and atmosphere to your home. The accessories and household items by Blomus are mainly worked in polished stainless steel and are characterized by clean lines and functionality.

The key products and collections from Blomus include the Orchos Torch, the duo toilet collection, the Acqua carafe or the Callista Juicer. Acqua and Callista from Blomus both already won the Red Dot Design Award. Also known are the Muro magnetic boards that bebop wooden tray or the Delta Decanter. You see, the product range includes numerous Blomus living accessories that make your life better.

The designs of the Blomus products are oriented with their typical characteristics: purism, focus on the essential and the use of high quality materials. The main source of inspiration for all Blomus design is the natural way! Explains design accessories created for living room, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor use, which will give you many years of pleasure!

Pure life is the slogan of Blomus is, in all styles of Blomus motto. Natural materials, subtly restrained compositions and easy operation of the objects tell all. Finally Blomus convinced a fair price-performance ratio. Living with accessories from Blomus you can refine your home with just a few clicks, we wish you much pleasure!